Filling the Extra Time

This week, many of your families are on MEA break, which means some of you may be looking for ways to keep your kids occupied and engaged this long weekend.  Here are some fun ideas:

  • Get out and enjoy the changing colors and cooler weather by going for a family walk at a park or drive through the country.  Take the opportunity to talk to your kids about the beauty of God’s creation and the way He’ll take what now seems to be dying (the plants and leaves) and make something new and beautiful in the spring.
  • Take a trip to a local apple orchard: There are several great orchards around the Twin Cities, and many also offer family fun activities such as corn mazes and games.
  • Visit the zoo: Many families take in the zoo during the warm summer months, but traffic is lighter in the fall, and you’ll notice some of the animals are more active now that the weather’s a little cooler.
  • Get creative: Grab some art supplies and encourage your kids to create some beautiful masterpieces.  You could give them a theme such as “What makes me feel loved” or “My favorite things God has made.”  For older children, give them an assignment such as creating a story and illustrating it or writing a play and then making puppets with paper sacks to act it out.

Having the kids home a couple of extra days can feel overwhelming, but with some creative thinking, you can fill that time with opportunities for family bonding and fun as well as spiritual growth.

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