Family Devotional: Faithfulness

This summer, we’re excited to have two different lesson units for the Preschool-Elementary kids on Sunday mornings! June 5-26 and July 10-24, we will be doing a Dr. Seuss-inspired unit on the Fruits of the Spirit, and August 7-21, we will be learning about interacting with God and the Holy Spirit through prayer, worship, and the Bible, all with an Olympics theme! Each of these lesson weeks, our staff will bring you a devotional idea you can use with your kids to help them take what they just learned on Sunday morning and integrate it into their daily lives.

By Teresa Sayles, Children’s Creative Arts Director

Woodland Hills Church

In our world, a person’s word isn’t always something we can count on. But God is always faithful to what He says and promises. Ask your kids what it means to be “faithful” and ask them to give examples of what faithfulness looks like. If they don’t know what it means, explain that being faithful means you do what you say you will do. You can be counted on to keep your promises.

Read Psalm 136 together and talk about the different ways the psalm celebrates how God is faithful. Are there ways they’ve seen God be faithful and keep His promises to them? (ex. they know God is always with them, God loves them all the time, etc.)

Explain that, because God is faithful and keeps His promises, He wants us to do our best to be faithful to Him and to others, as well. When we choose to be faithful and keep our promises, people know we can be counted on. When they need something, they will know we are the people they can turn to. Part of being a good friend is choosing to be faithful toward others. Ask them for examples of how they’ve seen other people (friends or family members) be faithful and keep their promises or show they can be relied upon to help out.

If you have it in your home or want to get it from the library, read Dr. Seuss’s Horton Hatches the Egg and talk about how Horton shows “an elephant’s faithful one hundred percent.” Discuss how Horton chose to be faithful despite all that happened to him and what people said, and talk about how he was rewarded in the end for his faithfulness.

For a fun family activity around faithfulness, read Psalm 136 again (or part of it if you have younger children), and come up with actions for the words or make it into a song with a dance! You could even make it into a music video!

You can also download this coloring page for your kids to decorate as they are reminded to be faithful people who can be counted on to keep their word and help others.

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