Summer Preview Pack

Here’s a look ahead to what we’ll be learning in Heroes Gate this summer:

June 5-26; July 10-24: Summer curriculum begins in Heroes Gate! Toddlers will continue their interactive Bible video Bible Adventures while Preschool-5th grade will begin a summer series called God’s Gather and Grow Fruit Emporium, a series on the Fruit of the Spirit with creative stories told in the style of Dr. Seuss!

July 3, 31; August 28: Toddler sand Preschoolers will set off on more Bible Adventures these days while Kindergarten-5th grade will be blasting off to join the crew of Konnect Space Station as they help kids around the world know the message of God’s love.

August 7-21: Toddlers will continue with their Bible Adventures while Preschoolers and Elementary kids learn about the Holy Spirit with the help of the Olympic spirit.

As 6th graders have now “graduated” into the Echo youth group, we do not have lessons for them this summer. However, if your 6th grader would like to volunteer in Heroes Gate as a Student Helper, contact Paula Bowlby at

We are also looking for adults to volunteer with us as our regular volunteers take a break for the summer. We’d love for you to consider volunteering 4 times over the coming summer months and helping the kids of Heroes Gate to know God’s love and their place in His story! To sign up, follow this link!

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