Heroes Gate Foundations

Did you know most of the large group lessons your child experiences on a Sunday in Heroes Gate are written in-house?  We firmly believe kids can be active and powerful players in God’s Kingdom, and we want to do our best to encourage and equip them to love God and others as Jesus does.  That’s why we decided a few years ago to create our own curriculum, and we wanted to do that in a fun and engaging way.  Our toddlers through 4th grade lessons involve dramatic storytelling to bring kids into their weekly Bible story and help them apply it to their daily lives while our 5th and 6th graders are active participants in games, activities, and discussions centered around their lesson’s weekly discussion topic

So what are some of the the messages we want to make sure kids know as they’re growing up in Heroes Gate?

  1. God loves us: 1 John 4:8 tells us God is love. It’s the foundation of who He is, it’s why He made us, and we clearly see His love in action in the life and words of Jesus (who is the exact representation of God – Hebrews 1:3).  Therefore, we want kids to know with each Sunday lesson and interaction that God loves them with an unstoppable, unchanging love.
  2. God’s Holy Spirit is with us: We believe the Holy Spirit is active and with each believer, and so we encourage kids to engage with the Spirit as they pray, worship, discover and use their various gifts and talents, and seek wisdom and guidance in their lives.
  3. Jesus made a way for us to be with God forever: Genesis 3 tells us the sad story of how humanity chose to allow sin into the world, ruining the perfect, loving forever relationship we were meant to have with God. But God’s love for us was greater than the power of our sin, and so He chose to die on the cross so our wrongs could be made right and He could be with us forever!  Jesus’ death and resurrection give us life forever with God!
  4. We are to be sharers of God’s love and good news: Jesus taught through his life and death that we are to show the kind of love God has for each of us with others, no matter who they are, and we believe kids can be powerful examples of this self-sacrificial love in the world. Our lessons help kids understand they can be agents of God’s love and forgiveness in the world around them and that, by their example and words, they can share with others the good news of what Jesus has done for all of us.
  5. The Bible is God’s Story, and we’re all a part of it: The Bible isn’t just a “good book” to us – It’s a gift from God that shows us how He has been working throughout history to bring everyone into a loving and right-relationship with Him, and we believe He is still working today, which means we can all be part of what He’s doing! Each week, we encourage kids to engage with the Bible, see how the stories connect to one another, and learn from its wisdom how they can become the kind of Jesus-followers God is calling them to be.

Each Sunday morning in Heroes Gate, our prayer is that as kids worship, pray, engage in the Bible, and interact with teachers and leaders, they are growing more and more in their understanding of who God is, how much He loves them, and the role they can play as His followers.  But we only have kids for a few hours a month.  As parents, you have the potential to be the main spiritual example and teacher for your child, and that’s why we love the idea of partnering with parents in helping kids to grow spiritually.  So how can you partner with us?  One way is to take the above truths and messages and sift them into your daily lives.  As you’re reading a Bible story, don’t just zoom through it – Ask kids questions about the story and what God is doing in it.  Pray with your kids, helping them to understand that prayer isn’t something formal or formulaic – It’s just talking with God, and it’s a powerful gift He’s given us!  While out on a family walk, point out the beauty God has created around you and get them thinking about what God made and why and how it shows His love.  Make serving others as a family an adventure and fun time – Find ways (big and little) that you can help others and show them God’s love and His good news.

Heroes Gate is where kids and families connect with God’s Story so they can live like Jesus and make a difference in their world.  And we’re love seeing it happen each week!

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