By Paula Bowlby Early Childhood Associate Pastor

We have come upon that time of year where traditions from our past and present are at the forefront of our thinking. Some traditions are passed from generation to generation and some are new. These traditions help frame our holiday and are part of our individual and family stories. This Christmas season, we will share with you some of our stories and traditions as a Heroes Gate Staff.

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I find I can get caught up in the commercialism of Christmas and lose focus on what really matters. As I have gone through different seasons in my life, traditions have been a steady foundation. I am very excited to be part of the Following the Light Advent Experience because it sets the tone early in the season for me and reminds me what is really important. Advent starts this Sunday, November 29 and is a great time to bring elements of the Christmas story and Christmas traditions to our families.

To kick off our tradition series, we have found a few links of ideas that you may want to try to do with your family. We would love to hear feedback in the comment section. Is there a family tradition you have that you would like to share? What do you do with your kids to keep Christ at the center of Christmas?




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