Staff Bio: Teresa Sayles

Teresa bio pic

On a cold winter day in a small town along the Minnesota/South Dakota border, Teresa Sayles was born. Gifted (or cursed?) with a vivid imagination, she spent countless hours pretending and creating stories – Sometimes with the help of friends and siblings and sometimes all on her own…when the others got tired of dealing with her. She attended the University of Minnesota, Morris, where she received a degree in history with a minor in theatre arts. She spent her college summers working at Trout Lake Camp near Brainerd where she also did a full-year internship following graduation. Then, it was off to the “big city” and an exciting new job at Woodland Hills Church. For her first year, Teresa served as the Children’s Ministry’s Elementary Small Group Coordinator (say that fast three times!), but they soon realized she was not good at math and kept giving the wrong amounts of cotton balls, pipe cleaners, and glue sticks to the groups, so they shifted her over to the Large Group area, where she could create and tell stories and avoid math to her heart’s content. Teresa now oversees the weekly lessons in the Story Fort and Clubhouse and writes the lesson curriculum for toddlers through 4th grade. Her favorite part of her job (aside from easy access to fruit snacks) is getting to know the kids on Sundays and helping them know God’s love as they discover their place in His amazing story. She recently went on her “dream vacation” to Ireland and hopes to go back someday…someday…If she had a million dollars, she would probably faint because she never wins anything. But upon waking, she would probably buy that cozy cottage in Ireland she’s always dreamed of along with a vat of Dramamine for the flights to and fro. Something few people know about Teresa is she can often be found on her day off providing the voice for a cartoon character named Clara. Seriously, she does.

As you can tell, our creative Teresa wrote most of her own bio with a few additions from me. Teresa has been at Woodland almost 10 years, and we are blessed to have her here.

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