Staff Bio: Paula Bowlby

Paula bio pic

Hi I am Paula! I just celebrated my 10th anniversary on staff here at Woodland Hills! I started out by volunteering in the Children’s Ministry many years ago and I just kept on going, never looking back. Since a young age, I have loved working with children. I fulfilled my life’s dream 23 years ago when I gave birth to my oldest child Brandon. I have always wanted to be a mother and being with my kids is where you find me the most happy. I have three children: Brandon, Adam and Hannah. They are older and busy with work, college or both. Children are truly a gift from God, and I am so thankful for mine and the opportunity to work with yours! My favorite part of each week is the smiling kids who walk down the hallway! I try to commit their names to memory and greet them as they come down the hallway.

Each of us as staff were asked a few questions so that you could get to know a few fun facts about us. Here are a few of the questions and my answers:

What is something that very few people know about you? I love cars. I love looking at them, researching them and checking the newest models out. As a little child, I could name the make and model of most vehicles and to this day, I still can. I am girly as can be so please don’t ask me about the engine or suspension – it’s all about the look to me! 

What would your dream vacation be? Since I burn very easily, the beach would not be my dream vacation although I love water! I would travel all through Europe eating great food, checking out the beautiful country sides and buzzing metropolises, studying buildings and shopping in fun markets. If we were shooting for the moon, I would take a cooking class in those countries, too, so I could bring the flavors home with me and share them with others.

I enjoy working with the volunteers and each of the children who come through the doors. My greatest prayer for all who come through the Heroes Gate doors is that you know you are loved and that your faith and knowledge of Jesus grows each time you are here.

One thought on “Staff Bio: Paula Bowlby”

  1. I love hearing and reading about the staff. Miss you all. God bless all of you. Thanks for sharing 😜🚲✈️

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