The Value of a Night Out


By Patrick Showers, Associate Elementary Pastor

Woodland Hills Church

Who couldn’t use a night out? As parents, we long for opportunities to take a break without kids, whether it is alone time, a date, or fun with friends. Yet, how often do you get a break in your life? There are all kinds of reasons why breaks are few and far between: no babysitter, guilt, too expensive, overbooked, too tired, kids are sick, etc.

Besides giving parents a break, nights out without kids are a necessary component in raising children to be loving and healthy adults. In the process of parenting, we are modeling good choices, relationships, active faith, healthy eating, and taking care of ourselves. If we are giving all our energies towards others and don’t leave anything for our own development, we will eventually run out of steam. This may come in the form of illness, angry blowouts, fatigue, criticalness, missed opportunities, and even broken relationships.

So there are good reasons to take a night out away from the kids, but there are still a few obstacles like cost, childcare, and opportunity.

Well, you’re in luck! Woodland Hills Church is hosting a Night Out event that provides childcare for kids ages birth – 5th grade, a dinner, and a movie at the Plaza Theater – all for a low price of $15 per couple or $10 per individual. You can enjoy an Italian meal and a great movie while your kids are having fun with volunteers and staff from Heroes Gate and Echo (youth)! You can set up a date, go out alone, or connect with friends.

Night Out is Friday, February 13th from 5:30 – 9 pm at WHC.   Space is limited, so reserve your spot by clicking here

Now, get out there and have fun knowing that you are investing in your well being as well as your kids.

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