Meet Our Staff: Bethany

Bethany bio pic

This month, our staff person of the month is Bethany Blick. Bethany is our Welcome Coordinator. You will most often see her at the front desk greeting and assisting families who come in the doors. She has the fabulous job of making sure the check-in system goes smoothly, and, some days, that is not an easy task. Enjoy getting to know Bethany a little bit more.

Hi!  I’m Bethany!  I have a fabulous husband, Robert, who has been my greatest support in life for the past 8 years, and I am blessed to have an awesome son, Jayden, who is now 4, and a beautiful daughter, Aria, who is 2.  These two keep me on my toes, and teach me so much about God’s love for us. They keep me humble and remind me daily of God’s grace.  This past April, we returned to New Zealand to visit Robert’s family and give our children the gift of getting to know the other side of the family. We hope to make this trip a “regular” part of our lives so that those relationships can grow.  Other places I’d love to introduce my family to include some of my favorite spots in South America, which I visited while as student at Bethel.  Having grown up in Eagan, I’m a local girl, but if I won a million dollars, I would own a second home somewhere warm as I’m not a fan of Minnesota’s frigid winters.  Something you may not know about me is I have a Master’s Degree in Water Resources Science from the U of M due to my love of God’s beautiful creation.

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