Grumpy Day


By Paula Bowlby,
Early Childhood Associate Pastor
Woodland Hills Church

On Sunday mornings, I enjoy watching families come through our doors. I love to observe reactions of the children as they come in. Some children coming running in, so happy to be at church, greeting me in various ways as they come in. Other children literally come in kicking and screaming because they are going through separation anxiety. It is fun to see the kids notice their friends and interact with them as they walk back to Heroes Gate They are forming relationships here and creating bonds.

Recently, I observed a little girl greet another little girl. She went bouncing over and gave her friend a very enthusiastic, “Hi!” Her friend was not as excited as she was, and her friend turned her back to hide her face. What came next surprised me. The first little girl bounced over to her mom and told her mom that her friend was having a grumpy day. I loved that instead of taking the reaction personally, she saw the reaction for what it was, she understood at her young age they were still friends and sometimes people just have grumpy days.

The Bible reminds us to have childlike faith and to become like little children. This interaction was such a good reminder to be centered in God’s love, to love others even if they are having a grumpy day and when they don’t have the reaction we are expecting. I love that this little girl knew it is okay to have a grumpy day and that someone else’s grumpy day was absolutely no reflection of her. These life lessons for us and our kids are all around us. Watch, listen and learn from the little ones around you.  Model behavior to the little ones around you the best way you can by loving with confidence as you remember the love your Creator has for you!

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