Love Thy Neighbor

Thinking back to my childhood, I am remember my summertime experiences. I remember playing outside, running free and being with my neighborhood friends. It’s got me thinking recently about summertime and how I could use the nice weather to connect with my neighbors and community. I started thinking about ways we could model God’s love and Kingdom living to our children and others through simple acts. Simple acts of service and love to connect and bless others. That sounds fun to me! So, I started to research, and I found some easy and attainable ways to bless neighbors and others in our communities. Check out some of these simple ways to connect with your neighbors and your community:

  1. Go outside
  2. Smile at people on the street
  3. Plan a block party
  4. Hold the door for someone
  5. Carry someone’s groceries
  6. Offer a ride or a place to stay
  7. Give up your seat to someone else
  8. Volunteer at a school, a church, or a shelter
  9. Pick flowers and give them to someone who is sad
  10. Offer to watch a friend’s kids and give him/her a break
  11. Ask you neighbors how they are doing and really take time to listen
  12. Pick up garbage and clean up a park
  13. Tell others you appreciate them
  14. Share what you have
  15. Give lots of hugs

Simple ways, simple things, and simple to teach and do. Share in the comment section your ideas for loving your neighbors.


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