Give It Up for Moms!

By Teresa Sayles, Children’s Curriculum Specialist
Woodland Hills Church

Let’s give it up for Moms. They’re pretty amazing, right? I mean, they care for us, provide for us, keep us safe, remind us to eat our veggies, and give some of the best advice in the world. But a mom doesn’t have to be biological.

Personally, I have several “mom” figures in my life beside my biological mother. I have other women whom I also look to for advice, wisdom, and mentoring. These amazing “moms” have helped me become who I am today. And God, who never lets an opportunity pass by, is now helping me use some of what I’ve learned from them over the years to impact the lives of others. Their “mothering” is being passed on whether they know it or not.

One of the greatest examples of this is how one of my “moms” has taught me the beauty of trying to understand another person’s backstory and perspective rather than making judgments or assumptions. By asking me questions about someone I’m upset with or frustrated at, she has helped me see the value of trying to understand why someone might be doing or saying something that seems hurtful or upsetting. What might be causing him/her to act this way? What pain/hurt/loss might he/she be trying to avoid? How does God view the situation? How might I show His love? Several years later, I now find myself asking these same questions as I relate with others, particularly kids in our ministry. When they speak of someone they’re upset with, I echo her questions, prodding them to look deeper and try to understand the person they’re upset with from God’s loving perspective.

So this Mother’s Day, take some time to think about the “moms” in your life, the women who, whether related to you or not, have influenced you, challenged you, and helped you become the “you” you are today. And then thank them! Write a letter, make a phone call, send a card, give an extra hug, or shoot out a grateful text. Don’t let this Mother’s Day pass by without giving “props” to those who’ve lovingly “mothered” you all these years.

You could also send them this video. Starring the “Kid President,” he’s got the right idea about moms.

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