Spring Fever

May 2011 118
By Paula Bowlby, Associate Early Childhood Pastor
Woodland Hills Church

It is the time of year that you can almost smell spring in the air. After the long, hard winter, you and your children are ready to throw open the windows, breathe the fresh air, and be out in nature again. Daylight savings has kicked in, so we are up later, enjoying the sunshine. New life will soon start to sprout throughout God’s creation. Easter is coming, and, before you know it, summer will be on our doorstep.

Spring is a time when I tend to reflect on nature, God, and his amazing creation. It is a great time to plant a seed or start an indoor garden with children and talk about new life as we remind them what an amazing God we serve.

With younger children, you can plant a seed and talk about how everything starts out small like this seed but then grows bigger. God made animals, plants, and humans who need food, water, and sunshine and light. Talk to your kids about how God provides food for the seed in the earth and how he gives the seed water and sunshine. Watch your plant grow and eventually, you could transplant it outside and see it bear fruit in the form of a flower or vegetable.

With older children, you can talk about all of the above, but you can also take it one step further by talking about how God gives us with what we need through his Word. We all need food, water and sunshine in our lives, but we also need God and his wisdom to help us learn and grow spiritually. This can lead you into talking about the meaning of Easter and Jesus’ death on the cross because of his great love for us.

This spring, take advantage of the “teachable moments” all around us. Breathe in God’s love and the beauty of what he created with your children.

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