Connecting with Global Missionaries


By Paula Bowlby, Associate Early Childhood Pastor

Woodland Hills Church

Did you know that Woodland Hills supports many missionaries who are spreading God’s love all over the world? It was, honestly, a little surprising to me to see how many missionaries Woodland Hills actually supports. I recently met with our Missions Department to find out a little more about our missionaries, and this is what I found out:

We at Woodland Hills support 25 missionaries on a regular basis: Twenty five families, individuals and teams who are spreading God’s love to those who might not otherwise get a chance to hear about Jesus! In addition to the 25 missionaries we support on a regular basis, WHC sends out short term mission teams to spread God’s love. Most recently, WHC sent a medical mission team to Cambodia this past January. This team saw patients and gave them need medical care while also leading some VBS activities to share Jesus with children in the area. On February 28, another team will be leaving to minister in Haiti!

What can your family do to support the missionaries from Woodland Hills Church?
1. Pray – Adopt a team or two to pray for on a consistent basis as a family
2. Write a letter – Send encouragement and let them know your family is praying for them
3. Financial support – Pray and, if God leads your family to adopt a missionary from WHC, support them financially

A list of our missionaries can be found on the Woodland Hills Church website. For more information or to find out how to contact or support a missionary, contact Laurie at

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